Sophie BARTHELEMY first exhibited video installations, before turning to painting, which she practices in a singular way, in a style of her own. Trained in sculpture in the studio of artist Jean Claro, then a student at the Beaux-Arts, she graduated in 1993.

She made a name for herself with a work of Video Art entitled "La Forêt des Vivants" presented at the Hérouville Saint Clair Video Art Festival in 1994, which won her the Jury Prize. The work denounces deforestation in the Amazon and questions the survival of indigenous peoples. The massacre of Yanomami Indians in Brazil, relayed by the media, coincides with the media coverage of his work, a synchronicity that will make her take another direction because being an artist suddenly seems irrelevant to her.

She will abandon all artistic ambition for a life of simplicity and decrease in line with her awareness. Installed near a forest, she devotes herself to permaculture and welcomes adults with disabilities into her home. But after a few years, the warm human relationship that she discovers with this population will finally make her reconnect with creation. After ten years of withdrawal from any exhibition, brought back to her art by painting, she takes up the torch to pursue a humanist work, animated by the same need to “thwart the cynicism of the world”.

Well-versed in color, which she works enormously in successive layers, scrapings and other repentances, she is currently devoting herself to an essentially intuitive, unpremeditated work. In her creative process, it is about play and letting go, wonder and self-forgetfulness.

"I search with passion and anxiety for a vision which, as I work on the canvas, always ends up appearing, to my greatest delight. It is this kind of magic, beyond the appearances of the thing painted, that I try to perpetrate ... At the beginning, I fill the canvas in an anarchic way to give it matter, content, life. I create textures, transparencies, voids, flashes. This magma of colors, of possible spaces, awaken my imagination, stimulate my creativity.
So I explore tracks, I venture into unknown territories, and finally I make choices. From it emerges a figure, a landscape, an animal, recurring subjects because to this day, I remain attached to figuration.
But the form doesn't matter, it's the process that interests me, the genesis, the path that brought me there ".

The Human, Nature, Animal and the Invisible are his favorite subjects. It took the form of sculptures, films, video installations, sound research. It flourished in 10 years of living near a forest. This was taught to him through contact with people with mental disabilities. It continues in the painting.

Sophie Barthélémy currently lives in France on the Atlantic coast.
Born in Paris in 1969. Graduated in Fine Arts in 1993.
Personal and group exhibitions from 1994.